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Tia Linschied was raised in Redmond, OR, and graduated from Redmond High School. She is a wife, and mother to four grown children, whom she homeschooled. Tia enjoys reading, camping, hiking, and finding ways to procrastinate cleaning the house. Hence, she became a Board Member.

Tia began to volunteer at Jericho Table because she wanted to practice what she preached to her own children, “Do unto others as you would have them do to you,” and “Love your neighbor as yourself.” Because of this she is also not concerned with what she did in the past, or even what she is currently doing. Anyone can choose to be kind, and serve their fellow man.

Tia also has the understanding of what it is to be a mother wondering where your child is and if he (or she) is eating tonight. She wants you to know that she is helping to make sure your child is fed.