Jericho Table – Hot Meals Program

Ken Cardwell ~ Coordinator
Jericho Road board believes that it is not OK to be hungry in our nation of abundance. During 2017, over 200 volunteers at Jericho Table served more than 13,091 hot meals, free of charge to the hungry of Redmond, Oregon. Meals are served Monday – Friday each week. The first and last Saturdays of each month, we have a pizza party.

The meals are catered through a team up with Family Kitchen and Jericho Road and served at the Church of God Seventh Day (205 NW 4th St. Redmond OR.). The doors open at 4:30 PM and meals are served from 5:00 – 5:45 PM. Each week nearly 100 volunteers in teams of 4-8 set up, serve and clean-up after each meal. These volunteers also interact with the guests and provide an important element of personal connection for them

Jericho Road Student Food

Eleanor Bessonette ~ Coordinators
A high percentage of students in the schools in and around Redmond qualify for free or reduced cost lunches. These same meals are not provided over the weekend, resulting in many being hungry. In 2010 Jericho Road requested the Redmond School District and the Family Access Network (FAN) to identify children who could benefit from extra food over the weekend, so that this situation could be addressed.

In another one of our food services programs, each week during the school year, volunteers fill backpacks with food for the weekend at the Neighbor Impact warehouse. Volunteers pack up to 75 packs each Wednesday morning during the school year and deliver to all 14 Redmond Public Schools.

These packs are then delivered to the Redmond schools for distribution to the students on Fridays. The students return the empty packs to school on Monday where they are picked up by volunteers, cleaned, refilled and returned to  the children the following Friday. During its first year the program doubled in its size.

Jericho Road Housing

Priscilla Bigler ~ Coordinator
A roof overhead during difficult times is essential for healthy families and strong communities.  Jericho Road Housing Assistance tries to support Redmond area families and individuals that are experiencing a temporary housing crisis due to unemployment, health issues or educational needs.

Jericho Housing Assistance, through an application and interview process, provides support with deposit or rent assistance. For more information please call 541 699-2099

Emergency Assistance

Mark Keener ~ Coordinator

The majority of our homeless clients live in tents or makeshift shelters on the outskirts of town. There are no facilities in these areas. To assist these people, Jericho Road provides, on request, tents, sleeping bags, propane and butane canisters, propane vouchers for those with tanks, propane heaters, firewood, water jugs, water and bus passes so people can get to their doctors and court appearances.


Linda Sorum ~ Coordinator
Outreach is a program developed to provide support to those experiencing homelessness.  This support takes many forms. It can be tangible support with food, water, shelter, clothes, propane; or it can be intangible in forging bonds of trust, showing that there are people who care.  Both aspects of support are needed to give those who find themselves experiencing homelessness the physical means and emotional strength to improve their living situation.

The Outreach Program provides a minimal level of the physical necessities:  help with food, water, clothing and propane for warmth / cooking. This is done by our volunteers bringing these items out to the end of the pavement on East Antler  in Redmond, Fridays from 11 AM until about 12:30 PM.  Even more important is the distribution of information and referrals made by Outreach Volunteers regarding  where further assistance can be obtained:  

  • Jericho Road Emergency Assistance / Jericho Table
  • St. Vincent De Paul services
  • Thrive
  • Reach
  • Saving Grace
  • Winter Shelter
  • Bethlehem Inn
  • Deschutes County Behavioral Health Homeless Liaison

Additional services provided on Fridays at the Antler Ave location are Jericho Road Showers, Breakfast Sandwiches, Mosaic Medical Mobile Clinic, Best Care Drug and Alcohol Counselors and Deschutes County Homeless Outreach. Approximately 2 to 3 times a year a wellness check is made to individual camps by Outreach Volunteers.